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# # # # Type Capacity Length Diameter Walled Orientation Location Accessories Accessories Accessories
1496410799314stainless steel100 m³15 m3 mdoublestandinggroundedpump, agitator, heaterinsulated with polyurethane foam the bottom has flat bottoms 
equipped with a manhole on the side wall. 
1496410688805stainless steel51 m³ m msinglereadygroundedpump, agitator, heaterSteel type 304 
vertical (standing)
placed on flat bottoms,
 wall thickness is 4mm  
loading included,
 we offer our transport abroad
1496410505888stainless steel30 m³6,20 m2,60 msinglereadygroundedpump, agitator, heaterVertical , placed on legs. lower bottoms in conical. 
Steel type: 316L
We organize transport to other countries
Free loading 
1496410127798stainless steel26.8 m³5.80 m2.50 msinglereadygroundedpump, agitator, heaterHatch in the side wall.
Loading included
We offer transport abroad 
1496410049247steel100 m³15 m3 mdoublelyingundergroundpump, agitator, heaterInside wall thickness: 8,8 mm
Outside wall thickness: 4,7- 5mm
The yellow cover is a protective layer.
With documents.
We organize transport abroad.
1496409890734steel50 m³10.5 m2.60 mdoublelyingundergroundpump, agitator, heaterInside wall thickness: 8,8 mm
Outside wall thickness: 4,7- 5 mm  
The yellow cover is a protective layer.
With documents
We organise transport abroad.
1496409611585stainless steel24 m³6.43 m2.72 msinglelyinggroundedpump, agitator, heaterIsolated with 10 cm foam. Stirrer included./../img/db/1496409611585/14964097490.jpg;/../img/db/1496409611585/14964097501.jpg;/../img/db/1496409611585/14964097512.jpg;/../img/db/1496409611585/14964097513.jpg;/../img/db/1496409611585/14964097514.jpg;
1496409168300steel50 m³8.80 m2.80 msinglereadygroundedpumpFiberglass with epoxy tank. It has a manhole in the side wall Designed for food storage/../img/db/1496409168300/14964092280.jpg;
1496408958185stainless steel30 m³5.6 m2.9 msinglereadygroundedpump, agitator, heaterLower bottoms is conical 2 units available. Free loading We organize transport to other countries 
1496408727351stainless steel70 m³13 m3 msinglereadygroundedpump, agitator, heaterPlaced on flat bottoms price per tank is 19.700 net 2 units available We organize transport to other countries Free loading 
1496408586886stainless steel55 m³13 m2.50 msinglereadygroundedpump, heaterPlaced on four legs N0ex9kht Hatch on the back Lower bottoms is curved Steel type: 304 3 units available We organize transport abroad. Loading is free./../img/db/1496408586886/14964087041.jpg;/../img/db/1496408586886/14964087040.jpg;
1496408344474steel50 m³10,30 m2,60 msinglelyinggroundedpumpEquipped with platform and ladder Painted with polyurethane paint from outside, and antycorrosive paint from inside.  We organize transport to other countries Free loading /../img/db/1496408344474/14964085380.jpg;/../img/db/1496408344474/14964085381.jpg;
1496408191838stainless steel30 m³6 m3 msinglelyinggroundedpump, agitator, heaterIsolated. Hatch at the back. Has electric heaters under isolation in order to heat the products inside. We organize transport to other countries /../img/db/1496408191838/14964082790.jpg;/../img/db/1496408191838/14964082801.jpg;/../img/db/1496408191838/14964082802.jpg;/../img/db/1496408191838/14964082803.jpg;
1484652967592steel34 m³10 m2 msinglereadygroundednoneThere is also version WITHOUT legs. Diameter: 2m, lenght: 10m, wall thickness: 8mm Tank in sandblasted and with, or without legs (you can choose) in lower part there's a drain valve DN 80 ended with screw on the upper part there is flood pipe , respiratory chimney i właz rewizyjnyand revision hatch, from inside the tank will be painted with antycorrosive rubber paint. or we can put new layer of epoxy resin coat. from outside it will be isolated with antycorrosive epoxy resin paint.     /../img/db/1484652967592/14846530600.jpg;/../img/db/1484652967592/14846530601.jpg;
1484652681550steel60 m³12,30 m2,60 mdoublelyingundergroundnoneDouble walled, underground 60.000L (photo no. 3 and 4) Diameter: 2,60m, Lenght: 12,30m Tank is isolated against puncture with 14kV from outside, and from inside sandblasted and cleaned. We have Technical Inspection Authority documents for this tank. /../img/db/1484652681550/14846527790.jpg;/../img/db/1484652681550/14846527801.jpg;
1484652407920steel50 m³8,5 m2,85 mdoublelyingundergroundnoneUnderground double walled 50,.000L tank for fuel.
Diameter: 2,85m, lenght: 8,5m.
1484652198042steel50 m³8.10 m2.9 mdoublelyinggroundednone50m3 Double-Walled Steel Tank (yellow color) Lenght: 8.10 Diameter: 2.90 Standing on two legs legs width: 0,30m legs lenght: 2,50m distance from legs from inside: 5,40m It also has leak detector alarm, that turns on when there is leakage. /../img/db/1484652198042/14846523840.jpg;/../img/db/1484652198042/14846523851.jpg;
1480604078619steel50 m³8,5 m2,8 mdoublereadygroundednone50m3 steel tank for paraffin Diameter 2,80m, Lenght 8,5m, Wall thickness 6-7mm Placed on two legs, sandblasted and painted. Inspection hatch, pouring spigot and chimney are located on the tank We can place drain spigot on the lower part of the tank if you want. Externally isolated with polyurethane foam and covered with metal plates and inside there is a heating coil made of 8 pipes DN 80. The tank is clean inside, and the coil is tested under pressure. After sandblasting from the outside, the tank is painted white. Price: 7600 EUR/../img/db/1480604078619/14806042120.jpg;/../img/db/1480604078619/14806042121.jpg;/../img/db/1480604078619/14806042132.jpg;/../img/db/1480604078619/14806042143.jpg;
1480603661900stainless steel11.8 m³5 m3 msinglereadygroundedpump, agitator, heater11800L stainless steel tank Diameter: 3m Height with agitator is 5m Wall thickness: 4mm Steel type 304 equipped with spiral heating coil made of copper, coil lenght is 25m. Tank is also equipped with fast-spinning agitator Tank is placed on four legs /../img/db/1480603661900/14806037710.jpg;/../img/db/1480603661900/14806037711.jpg;/../img/db/1480603661900/14806037722.jpg;/../img/db/1480603661900/14806037723.jpg;
1479989456219stainless steel40 m³6,20 m3 msinglereadygroundedpump, agitator, heaterHas heating coat/../img/db/1479989456219/14799895400.jpg;
1479989123245stainless steel30 m³6 m3 msinglelyinggroundedpump, agitator, heaterIsolated. Hatch at the back. Has electric heaters under isolation in order to heat the products inside./../img/db/1479989123245/14799892900.jpg;/../img/db/1479989123245/14799893400.jpg;
1479988956737stainless steel30 m³7,50 m4,45 msinglereadygroundedpump, agitator, heaterSteel type 304; upper bottom steel type is 316L; /../img/db/1479988956737/14799891180.jpg;/../img/db/1479988956737/14799891181.jpg;
1479988767981stainless steel60 m³9,50 m2,95 msinglelyinggroundedpump, agitator, heaterSteel type 304; lower bottom is concave; equipped with fastspinning agitator; upper bottom is slightly conical; /../img/db/1479988767981/14799889510.jpg;
1479988446757stainless steel60 m³6,7 m3,5 msinglereadygroundedpump, agitator, heaterIsolated (not in the photo), upper bottom is conical, lower is reverse conical, hatch in the back./../img/db/1479988446757/14799886510.jpg;
1479988092103stainless steel250 m³8 m6,5 msinglereadygroundedpump, agitator, heaterSteel type 316l,
full technical documentation
1479911368122stainless steel42 m³5,60 m3,50 msinglereadygroundedpump, agitator, heater42m3 Stainless steel tank  
diameter 3,50m
height 5,60m
steel type 316
4 units available 
1479911280235stainless steel37 m³5 m3,45 msinglereadygroundedpump, agitator, heater37m3 stainless steel tank  
diameter 3,45m
height 5m
steel type 316
3 units available  
1477654396933steel100 m³16,60 m3 msinglestandingundergroundpump, agitator, heater100m3 retention water or fire water tank underground type diameter 3 or 2.80m lenght 14,5 or 16,60m wall thickness 6mm corrosion resistant epoxy-resin coating from the outside painted corrosion resistant paint from the inside we can weld any attachment for free.
1477576954193stainless steel150 m³17,1 m3,8 mdoublestandinggroundedheater150m3 tanks with heating and cooling options, 10cm thick poliurethane foam for isolation, 1560/1225 hl, aluminium plate outside, documents included./../img/db/1477576954193/14775772901.JPG;/../img/db/1477576954193/14775772900.JPG;/../img/db/1477576954193/14775772902.jpg;
1477575482313steel40 m³ m msinglestandinggroundedpump, agitator, heater40m3 Vertical tanks, certificate verification and documentation of the Office of Technical Inspection, internally lined with a new chemical-resistant ceramic coating, equipped with two stainless steel coils externally insulated with polyurethane foam with a thickness of 10 cm and lined with metal.  /../img/db/1477575482313/14775755090.jpeg;/../img/db/1477575482313/14775755091.jpeg;/../img/db/1477575482313/14775755092.jpeg;
1477575272549stainless steel50 m³7,2 m3,3 msinglestandinggroundedpump, agitator, heater50m3 standing stainless steel tank, flat bottoms, diameter 3,30m, height 7,20m, equipped with a heating coil, loading free of charge/../img/db/1477575272549/14775753340.jpeg;
1477575081209stainless steel24.6 m³5,6 m2,5 msinglelyinggroundedpump, agitator, heater24.600l Stainless steel tank horizontal with two legs and with back hatch in the bottoms flood pipe and respiratory chimney is on the upper mantle diameter 2,50m lenght 5,60 wall thickness 3mm steel type 304/../img/db/1477575081209/14775752450.jpg;/../img/db/1477575081209/14775751770.jpg;/../img/db/1477575081209/14775752461.jpg;/../img/db/1477575081209/14775752472.jpg;
1477574997804stainless steel25,5 m³4,6 m2,4 msinglestandinggroundedpump, agitator, heater25.500l Stainless steel tank diameter 2,4m height 4,60 steel type 316 wall thickness 3mm placed on the flat bottoms/../img/db/1477574997804/14775750360.jpg;/../img/db/1477574997804/14775750371.jpg;
1477574858813stainless steel50 m³8,5 m2,85 msinglestandinggroundedpump, agitator, heater50m3 Stainless steel tank diameter 2,85m height 8,5m steel type 404./../img/db/1477574858813/14775749311.jpg;/../img/db/1477574858813/14775749300.jpg;/../img/db/1477574858813/14775749333.jpg;/../img/db/1477574858813/14775749322.jpg;
1477574713396steel54 m³9,98 m2,6 msinglestandinggroundednone50 to 54m3 LPG steel tank inner diameter 2,6m lenght 9.98m wall thickness 6mm bottoms thickness: 8mm tank material: st3s weight: 6 ton epoxy-resin coating from inside, urea ammonium nitrate resistant, brine resistant, fuel resistant etc. price: 5.580 Euro/unit /../img/db/1477574713396/14775748360.jpg;
1477573603957steel30 m³4,6 m3,0 msinglelyinggroundedpump, agitator, heater30m3 fertilizer tanks diameter 3m lenght 4,60m thickness 9mm poliurethane paint on the outside, Bergolin epoxy-resin coating on the inside, urea ammonium nitrate solution resistant Inspection hatch and flood pipe on the upper mantle DN80 drain spigot on the upper part of bottoms DN80 finished with screw and respiratory chimney. /../img/db/1477573603957/14775740762.jpg;/../img/db/1477573603957/14775740763.jpg;/../img/db/1477573603957/14775740740.jpg;/../img/db/1477573603957/14775740751.jpg;
1477573423240steel100 m³14,5 m2,8 msinglestandingundergroundpump, agitator, heater100m3 retention water or fire water tank underground type diameter 3 or 2.80m lenght 14,5 or 16,60m wall thickness 6mm corrosion resistant epoxy-resin coating from the outside painted corrosion resistant paint from the inside we can weld any attachment for free. /../img/db/1477573423240/14775735860.jpg;/../img/db/1477573423240/14775735893.jpg;/../img/db/1477573423240/14775735871.jpg;/../img/db/1477573423240/14775735882.jpg;
1477572798860stainless steel55 m³12,1 m2,65 msinglestandinggroundedpump, agitator, heater55m3 Stainless Steel Tank Diameter 2,65m Height with legs 12,10m wall thickness 3mm Pressure 1 bar With legs /../img/db/1477572798860/14775730630.jpg;/../img/db/1477572798860/14775730641.jpg;/../img/db/1477572798860/14775730652.jpg;
1477564068164stainless steel80 m³11 m3,5 msinglestandinggroundedpump, agitator, heater80.000L Stainless Steel Tank Vertical, with one coat diameter3,50m, height 11m, wall thickness 3,5mm flat bottoms, hatch in back wall internal wall is polished./../img/db/1477564068164/14775690283.jpg;/../img/db/1477564068164/14775690272.jpg;/../img/db/1477564068164/14775690250.jpg;/../img/db/1477564068164/14775690261.jpg;
1477486822665stainless steel25,5 m³4,6 m2,4 msinglestandinggroundedpump, agitator, heater25.500l Stainless Steel Tank diameter 2,4m height 4,60 type 316 placed on flat bottoms , equipped with measuring bar revision hatch is in back wall, drain in lower bottoms, with trough. 8 units available Price: 7.000 EURO/ unit /../img/db/1477486822665/14775640250.jpg;

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